Hiring Process

At Evermore, we promote that we develop talent almost exclusively from within our organization. This means we are not just offering you job out of current assignments, college or university, we are hiring you with the expectation you will grow into one of our future leaders, and we believe in 360 degree development of individuals our partners and deal with them in similar manner.
For the above reason and for our desire to grow together we have kept our hiring process very challenging and rigorous. This process let us know about you and you also know about us. Thus it’s a two way program. Time to time we have received the feedback that going through the process served as a great indicator of the intellectual challenges they would soon face in their career.
Our process has a standardized assessments and an interviewing framework designed to identify your unique strengths and provide a comprehensive overview of your skills, experiences and abilities. Our approach is geared towards helping us find the best people for the job and in our desire to get the right people for right job, right trader for right market; right asset class we use a total assessment process consisting of sound resume screening, multiple interviews, and multiple tests.
Thus getting an Interview call from us is confident that you will be successful as we are bound to find right person for right job; here we consider every individual as a resource so be assured you are on a right path with right partner.
We invest in our people with great confidence and they are the beating heart of our success.